I worked for the company for two years - mostly due to them never letting me sell in the state I lived or joined in. The company has changed their name twice - three times while I was with them- so I'm constantly wary.

I was conned into joining by a junior manager, who promised me quite a bit - including good money and the promise that I could leave any time I felt uncomfortable. He continuously said it was like a big family.

Boy was that a stretch.

I watched my trainer steal money and valuables from whatever 'jones' had let us in. She urinated on lawns, started five fights, lied to and even slept with a few potential subscribers.

The second junior manager pelted us with BB's and wouldn't hesitate to get violent if he thought you were in the wrong.

We were very lucky if we spent less than 13 hours on territory - getting up at or around 6am, and not returning until after midnight, only to stay up for hours after that for whatever reason.

I was a 'low-ball' meaning, I guess, that I was free game when it came to verbal and physical abuse.

For Christmas, we had to buy everyone gifts -with money we earned that day. I spent the month after having to ask for food from the 'jones'', because my manager said I owed him over 100$. I lost 80lbs in that month alone.

While I was a part of the crew, I was molested constantly and raped while out on the streets -my manager did nothing, and wouldn't let me go home -saying it was an occupational hazard.

We went state to state, but I was never allowed to sell magazines in my home state, nor in the state I started.

It took until I was moved to a different crew that I was allowed to go home.

I still get phone calls asking where I am and I know it's from my first manager -my second manager was lovely to me- and I'm always scared they will find me.