After going through prior trauma and needing to get out of a situation quickly, a friend who had done magcrew in the past offered me to come with him and do it. I ended up getting molested by one of the supervisors after disclosing my trauma to him as he had been gentle and kind to me prior. It happened in the open, with other people watching, in a gas station.

I decided after that that I needed to leave. The mag crew I was with had promised that we would get a greyhound back to where we needed at any time, but they refused to pay, and left me at a closed greyhound stop at night, but thankfully I had a family member who bought me a ticket and I was safely taken away.

The others girls I sold with all had similar traumatic experiences, and most of them had resorted to sexual favors to keep from getting kicked out. When I joined, I had been promised an office position (I had just come from working in an office for a year, and had a good deal of administrative experience), which obviously, did not happen.

Being female in a magcrew is, from my experience and others, a guarantee to be sexually harassed and/or assaulted at some point, and the random people's houses you go to aren't the perpetrators -- it's those you work with.

Mag crews, from the top down, are disgusting. People are abused and are then turned into abusers. People in the most vulnerable situations choose this as a viable path to get away, and end up in yet another vulnerable and potentially more dangerous situation.